Automation is a Game Changer, Not a Job Killer

Will robots take over human jobs?

People tend to believe the shift to digitization might take away jobs from the community. However, contrary to popular belief, automation is a great way to improve and increase human-based jobs.

Over the last two years, the world’s working dynamics have changed drastically. The spread of coronavirus led to a global reliance on the internet. Everything shifted online, including jobs, eCommerce stores, and schools. People had to adjust to a new way of living. 

However, with current mass vaccinations, most nations are going back to normal. Hence, leading to another significant shift in the span of 2 years. Regardless, the pandemic has made companies realize the importance of automated and digital tasks. But, the notion often comes with the connotations that it might reduce the available jobs.

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When first posed with the word “automation,” people tend to think of smart, AI, and ML-based algorithms doing different tasks. This is usually followed by the thought of relieving humans from their jobs. 

As much as business owners, employees and customers appreciate automation; the process can “kill” several menial jobs. That means removing people from their work. While digitization has many positives, employees often carry the pressure and uncertainty of job loss that might follow the newly incorporated technology.

Automation – Not a Job Killer

Due to the negative baggage that the word “automation” carries, many people are against it. However, the future is automated. The world is on the brink of a digital revolution. The quicker the companies adjust to the new norms, the better will be the outcomes.

What people need to realize is, automation does not kill jobs. In fact, it just refactors one job into different ones. For example, if you automate a data entry job, it creates a job for someone to overlook the process and maintain the program.

Companies are beginning to understand the importance of digitization, especially due to the pandemic. In fact, many businesses are now investing in the possible shift. However, this change does not imply a loss in employee headcount. According to a recent survey by BDO about automating business processes, 34% of middle-market executives believed their headcount would increase. Further, 42% claimed that they would reimagine job roles. As jobs evolve, employees need to work alongside these new technologies to stay on top of their game.

For digital transformation and automation to succeed, there is a need to secure employees. To discuss how automation and jobs go hand in hand:

Technology Only Changes the Way You Work

Incorporating technology into your business only changes the way you work. While it might eliminate one job, it creates three others. According to a study in the UK held by Deloitte, 800,000 menial jobs were eliminated due to automation. However, 3.5 million more jobs were created, which paid $13,000 more per annum. Therefore, it is only about perspective.

Basically, automation increases employee involvement. Regular problem solving and improvements in automation processes give birth to a range of new technical support jobs. It also prompts humans into more skilled roles, hence, increasing their expertise. 

You can Never Replace Human Characteristics

Digitization is changing the manner in which we work; that much is valid. However, at the same time, it is changing the worth we put on the abilities of employees. Company owners and business administrators are holding seminars and workshops to offer training and education. Hence, leading to a more skilled workforce. The main impetus behind it? Well, robots and automation. It’s nothing unexpected; digitization will actually make more jobs. 

Advantages of Automation

People should only consider automation as a way of improving productivity instead of something that might steal jobs. Employees also prefer doing more hands-on tasks. Hence, automation allows them to utilize their skills towards something they enjoy. By taking over redundant and repetitive tasks, automation allows the staff to invest their skills and knowledge towards its growth. Moreover, it also saves a lot of time and is much more efficient and accurate.


Automation and innovation are changing the actual nature and meaning of many jobs and making new ones that didn’t exist previously.  All things considered, automation is the trend that raises the most concerns for the labor force. Primarily as something that would eliminate jobs. However, contrary to this thinking, automation has been shown to improve work positions in many companies. In fact, it has led to more hiring. While digitization can redefine your job role, it does not take away your livelihood. Therefore, while the future will mostly be robotic, it will also create new jobs.

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