Management Of Change (MOC) Software

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Change Management or Management of Change (MOC) software is a service solution that helps organizations monitor and streamlines their change-related impacts and risks. 

With our highly customizable MOC software, you can automate the change management process to reduce or avoid possible risks of errors by the changes or the management process.

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change-management software-Austin-Houston-texassoftware
change-management software-Austin-Houston-texassoftware

What is Change Management Software?

change-management software-Austin-Houston-texassoftware

Change management software is application companies use during any change to a business to make the process as smooth and seamless as possible for employees, managers, and customers. Of course, just as there are different types of change and change management models, there are different types of change management software processes we need to follow.

Finding the right solution depends on the type of change you’re implementing and what phase of change management you’re in is essential. So accordingly, having change management software that can customize as per your requirement is very important. 

We want to say that your search for the right change management software ends with our highly customizable MOC software; we can build the change management software application that best fits your organization.

Why Change Management Software?

change-management software-Austin-Houston-texassoftware

Change management software provides the following benefits:

  • Allows everyone in the organization to see and understand the change process at any time.
  • An effective change management system keeps accountability clear.
  • Automated workflows accelerate organizational processes by eliminating the need for manual person-to-person communication.
  • Change management software also dramatically reduces the risks associated with organizational change.
  • A change control system provides a clear audit trail supporting effective quality control processes and continuous improvement.
  • Change management software is an essential regulatory compliance tool regardless of the operational policies/standards or government agency involved.
change-management software-Austin-Houston-texassoftware

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Core Features & Functionalities


Manage Users & Roles with Privileges for Customized Access

Built keeping end users in mind

Login based on the user privileges

Manage roles in the data administration (to create, edit, delete the user roles)


Add/Edit/Follow Change Records with Customized Workflow

MOC process templates to configure the stages, elements, roles, participants that are going to be part of the record

Manage Locations as per Category & Track them Centrally

Manage the locations (create, edit and delete the locations)

MOC process templates to create and maintain MOC records


MOC Reports that Displays Entire Data with Summary & Analysis

Privilege to the Change Owners to add a few more participants in the records

MOC Records for actual data input screens for proposing or requesting a new change

Create & Manage Process Template as per Business Process

Add, edit an existing record, view an existing record, submit an existing record, follow or unfollow an existing record

Handle Change Participants, Affected Parties & Actions Efficiently

MOC process template to add new template, edit an existing template, clone an existing template, publish an existing template or delete an existing template

Change Management Workflow

change-management software-Austin-Houston-texassoftware

Software-driven change management can help minimize the risks and challenges of changes by automating change management workflow. The right tools and resources make all the difference. Texas change management software automates change management software processes and helps improve processes, ultimately increasing organizational efficiency and productivity.

change-management software-Austin-Houston-texassoftware

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