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The digital experience continues to be a critical driver of enterprise transformation— in fact, 64 percent of participants in Deloitte’s global CIO survey say digital technologies will affect their businesses in the next three years. Digital transformation is a business priority for most organizations in any sector, especially the larger, more traditional companies struggling to increase their competitive edge. Digital Transformation is a business-critical task to resolve quickly. Texas Software is a digital transformation consultancy to help you with the shift without any hassle!

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Digital Transformation Consultancy

Suppose you want organizational agility, innovation, quick response to market demands, and don’t always want to depend on your IT department for business apps and reports. In that case, the Power Platform fills the gap we often see between standard applications and time-consuming customizations done in the past. Our team of experts with wide-ranging technology expertise can help your business utilize the Power Platform. Therefore, business owners, known as end-users with relatively little technical knowledge, can build apps, analyze data and quickly automate processes themselves.
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Data Visualization

Many single challenges, issues, errors or delays in business processes are difficult to pinpoint. The fixes usually are not that difficult to implement but you first have to identify the issues to be able to create an actionable plan to continuously improve the process. Process and Data Visualization are tools you should consider. We all want actionable items in business that are not based on guess work, and to find these pain points to fix, we first have to identify them. We at Texas Software have successfully identified and improved processes with simple process and Data Visualizations. We will analyze your process related data and visualize the information so that you are able to make business critical decisions on how to make things more efficient. An example processes are Sales, Operational, Hiring, HR, Invoicing, Billing, Approval, Time Reporting / Acceptance or AP/AR processes.

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Software Quality Assurance and Automated Testing

Here at Texas Software, we offer software product quality assurance and quality control services as part of our more extensive custom software development services. Being a digital transformation consultancy, Texas Software can provide you a dedicated outsourcing software quality assurance, and quality control services for your unique software testing service needs to free up your in-house engineers and cuts down your spending on training and tools.

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