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Big part of Digital Transformation Consulting is the use of Automation. Business Process Automation reduces errors, labor cost and redundancy in workflows while increasing productivity and employee and customer satisfaction. We at Texas Software, build these automated processes for clients using state of the art business process automation tools and customer software. We can integrate systems together and enable very high level of automation to streamline your business.

Digital Transformation Consultancy

Business Process Automation

Business Process Automation (BPA) is eliminating manual, time consuming and cumbersome tasks and replacing them with automated processes.

Digital Transformation Consultancy

Digital transformation consultancy is necessary aid for several industries to succeed in the future competitive landscape.

Custom Software Development

Custom development allows companies to stay competitive through modern platforms and integrated, useful, and reusable apps.

Process Visualization and Data Analysis

Visualizing business processes and the data within is a powerful tool helping businesses better their business processes quickly.

Digital Solutions
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Digital Transformation Consulting Company, Texas Software,  Provides Business Process Automation Through Innovative Software Technology Solutions.

Service Packages

Typical Service Packages

We have put together some typical starter packages for you to choose from if you’re not quite how to start. 

We analyze your business process in a 2 week timeline.

The Evaluation Project is carried out typically in 3-4 meetings each lasting about an hour. Deliverables include: – Process description document with pain points and requirements for improvements and places for automation. – Current software analysis document. – Process improvent document, including recommendations for software, automation areas and cost savings.
Business Process Data Visualization with Google Sheets / Google DataStudio or Microsoft Excel.

One-Time Package Price: $3,950
Expert time commitment: 14 days.

Is your existing process suffering from bottlenecks but they are difficult to recognize or pinpoint? We will analyze your process related data and visualize the information so that you are able to make business critical decisions on how to make things more efficient. An example processes are Sales, Operational, Hiring, HR, Invoicing, Billing, Approval, Time Reporting / Acceptance or AP/AR processes.
One-Time Package Price: $5,000
Expert time commitment: 14 days

We will help you transition from your existing system to a new system. Whether you’re looking to upgrade your CRM system from excel to state of the art cloud solution or a legacy field service system to a new one, we can make the transition fast, smooth and make sure you won’t lose the historical data.
One-Time Package Price: $3,000
Expert time commitment: 7 days

We will setup your business with the Microsoft SharePoint Online platform (or migrate to it) as part of your Microsoft Office 365 environment or as stand-alone service, and train you on how to use the SharePoint environment.
One-Time Package Price: $3,000
Expert time commitment: 7 days

We will do Microsoft Power Platform integration with your business Information Systems or ERP systems, and train you on how to use the Power Platform environment.
One-Time Package Price: $2,000
Expert time commitment: 7 days

We will setup your business with the essential Microsoft 365 environment and train you on how to use the environment.
One-Time Package Price: $6,000
Expert time commitment: 28 days

Is your website not performing well or feels outdated? Is conversion or leads an issue?

We will re-design your website from the ground up. In this project, we will:
1. Create a deep analysis of your existing website and technological background
2. Go through existing site statistics and define current pain points and list things that are working well
3. Define priorities for re-design
4. Define or update websites target audience with you
5. Create a list of required changes and define new goals
6. Build a new structure, visual style and layout for the website (includes a new or updated logo if desired)
7. Construct and deploy the new website
One-Time Package Price: $3,500
Expert time commitment: 14 days

Mautic is an open source marketing software platform that gives a high level of marketing integration with audience intelligence that enables you to make personalized emails, create landing pages, create intuitive workflows for customer experiences and the capabilities to track your marketing activities.

In this project, we will help you decide between the free open source self hosted version, and the paid hosted version of Mautic as well as implement and train you to use Mautic Marketing Automation System.

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