Automation Benefits Oil And Gas Industry

Process automation will increase productivity and lower costs. We have the skills and resources to successfully plan, develop and deliver innovative technology solutions for the Oil and Gas Industry. We are committed to providing high-quality services and outstanding customer support.

Oil and Gas Industry

Repetitive Back Office Tasks Can Be Automated in Oil and Gas Industry

We are automating labor intensive health, compliance and regulatory processes for oil and gas industry with Business Process Automation. Our industry expertise and strong automation knowledge combined with 20 year history in software development makes Texas Software winning solution partner for your company.

Process Automation is a new technology advancement for many oil and gas businesses and can create substantial competitive edge. We now offer a free process evaluation to help you unlock the potential to increase productivity and lower costs.

Free Process Evaluation For Oil And Gas Industry

Free Process Evaluation Includes the following:
  • We analyze your process in 2 week timeline. Typically 3-4 meetings each lasting about an hour.
  • Process description document with pain points and requirements.
  • Current software analysis document.
  • Process improvent document, including recommendations for software, automation areas and cost savings.
All this for 100% free!
What’s the catch? We strongly believe that at the end of the evalution you will continue working with us to improve your business process and refer us to another client for a free evalution. Texas Software is a software company focused to create growth and reduce costs in businesses via process automation solutions. Get you free process evaluation today!


This limited time offer includes a free business process evaluation for your company. Are you struggling with manual entries and repetitive tasks? Are your current software solutions weighing your process down? Do you know what are the areas in your business process that can be automated?

There are easier and more effective solutions out there. Send us a quick message to schedule a short 30 minute online meeting to discuss automation opportunities and grab your 100% Free Process Evaluation.

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Send us a quick message to schedule a short 30 minute online meeting to discuss automation opportunities.

What is RPA or Robotic Process Automation?

Robotic Process Automation allows anyone today to configure computer software, or a “robot” to emulate and integrate the actions of a human interacting within digital systems to execute a business process. Think of the daily task your employees currently complete. Many of them can be automated. 

RPA robots interpret, trigger responses and communicate with other systems in order to perform on a vast variety of repetitive tasks just like humans. Only substantially better: an RPA software robot never sleeps and makes zero mistakes.

For many companies, Robotic Process Automation is a game changer. Bots will save them time and money on repetitive manual tasks. 

From attended automation, where your human workforce uses RPA to accelerate work, to unattended and hybrid human/robot RPA, robotic process automation offers a real-world solution to a real-world problems.

How does BPA Increase Performance and Lower Cost in Oil and Gas?
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