Do you have a new business idea that requires a custom software solution, and you don’t know where to start? We have base solutions with an excellent architectural design that can give you a headstart for your next tech initiative.
Software Solutions
What is a Base-Solution

Base-Solution is a quick starting point for your new web and mobile application development projects with a modern UI and SOLID architecture.

Six well-known benefits of starting with a Base-Solution

Our intention to offer base solutions is we don’t spend your valuable time as redefining standard features like application authentication, user permissions, localizations, settings, audit logging, error handling, and SaaS features like simple CRM module, multi-tenancy, UI components, etc.

Why do we use it?

Here at Texas Software, we believe that architectural software design is very important. In simple terms, software design is the method of planning and creating a software solution to address specific business needs. They can range from database and enterprise solutions for the web to rich-client desktop applications built for multiple users accessing from local intranets. The complexity of software today requires a higher level of planning and design than in years past.

We know that developing your custom software solution can make all the difference in your business productivity, customer engagement, and profitability. There comes a time in every business’s evolution when off-the-shelf software just isn’t good enough anymore, and a custom software solution is needed. Therefore, we developed the following base solutions to be a “base” for your next custom software development and business process automation projects.

Field Service Management Productivity
Texas Software Field Service Management (FSM) Base- Solution
No matter what industry you work in, TSFSM Base-Solution is customizable to fit your business processes. Schedule jobs more efficiently, optimize routes, send quotes, and invoices via your accounting system, and keep your stuff organized. With our quick evaluation of your business processes and straight forward project discovery, you’ll be getting your custom FSM software solution that strives more efficient business in a short time.

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Texas Software Management of Change (MOC) and Compliance Base-Solution
TSMOC Base Solution is built to manage planned changes through predefined checklists, reviews, and approvals to ensure your business is fully prepared to implement any operational or organizational change safely, which helps mitigate risk without sacrificing efficiency by enforcing change management best practices.

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Texas Software Commercial Insurance Management (CIM) Base-Solution
TSCIM base solution is built to support the day-to-day operations of companies, especially those who are managing their vendors’ insurance requirements and insurance agencies without any back-office automation systems.

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