Texas Software - MOC Base Solution

Management of Change (MOC) and Compliance Base Solution

TSMOC Base Solution is built to manage planned changes through predefined checklists, reviews, and approvals to ensure your business is fully prepared to implement any operational or organizational change safely, which helps mitigate risk without sacrificing efficiency by enforcing change management best practices.

TSMOC is a base solution for an all-in-one, cloud-based custom software development projects in Change Management and Compliance. The current version of the base solution can provide services to businesses of all sizes across multiple industries. This base solution provides most of the basic needs of a MOC software solution, including the capabilities of ERP system integrations and mobile applications.

The current version TSMOC 2.0 includes the following features;


  • Contractor Company Management with CRM basics
  • Contractor Company Users Management
  • Contractor Company Users Roles and Permissions Management
  • Contractor Company Internals / Personnel Management
  • Contractor Company Locations Management
  • Contractor Company User Access
  • Change Management Templates
    • The system provided default templates with 11 known stages of the MOC process (Initiation, Verification, Coordination, Review, Pre-Approval, Approval, Pre-startup, PSSR, Authorization, Post-startup, Closure)
    • Tenant specific custom MOC process templates
    • Fully customizable MOC process templates (questions, surveys, questionnaires, checklists, etc.)
  • Change Management Records (with customizable workflow)
    • Creating a change request
    • Following up with the assignments
    • Participation tracking
    • Affected parties tracking
    • Acknowledgment tracking
    • Change actions tracking
    • Change history tracking
  • Reporting (AdHoc reporting capabilities)
  • Multi-Tenant Architecture with Contractor Company User Impersonation
  • Tenant branding and tenant-specific Email Broadcast
  • Tenant and Sector-Specific Customizations
  • Subscription management & recurring payments
  • PayPal & Stripe integration capabilities
  • Rich login options and complete authorization system
  • Multi-factor authentication and Single Sign-On Capabilities
  • Cross-platform (iOS & Android) mobile application capabilities
  • Multi-language and Localization support
  • HTTP/REST API Centric Architecture

TSMOC Base-Solution is intended to help companies build their custom MOC software solution on a reliable foundation that has already been tested and ready for customization. TSMOC Base-Solution is designed to speed up the design and development of a custom compliance software solution that helps you manage the technical, administrative, and organizational changes in your company through the features explicitly designed for the Change Management. This base solution provides customizable development modules that can be quickly tailored to your business needs, which helps you unlock the potential to increase productivity and lower costs.

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