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Business Process Automation (BPA) is a defined way of eliminating manual, time consuming and cumbersome tasks and replacing them with automated processes. Process Automation reduces errors, labor cost and redundancy in workflows while increasing productivity and employee and customer satisfaction. We at Texas Software, build these automated processes for clients using state of the art business process automation tools and customer software. We can integrate systems together and enable very high level of automation to streamline your business.

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Microsoft Power Platform

Suppose you want organizational agility, innovation, quick response to market demands, and don’t always want to depend on your IT department for business apps and reports. In that case, the Power Platform fills the gap we often see between standard applications and time-consuming customizations done in the past. Our team of experts with wide-ranging technology expertise can help your business utilize the Power Platform. Therefore, business owners, known as end-users with relatively little technical knowledge, can build apps, analyze data and quickly automate processes themselves.
Business process automation with Microsoft power platform
Business process automation services

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Marketing Automation Platform

Marketing Automation Platforms help companies to simplify and streamline their internal, agency and client facing marketing processes. Most successful marketers and their teams start to resemble software companies. The increased demand of speed and personalization drives higher level of automation for all marketing teams. Forrester says 2021 is the year nearly all agency functions and departments (creative, design, strategy, data and analytics, media planning and buying, operations, and production) will identify repetitive tasks that machines can assist or take over, ramping up the experimentation and application of intelligent automation. Our approach is to look at the business process as a whole, from CRM to MAP to ERP, first through high level company-wide processes, technology platform level (such as Microsoft Dynamics), and finally how repetitive tasks can be automated.

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Business Process Automation

Workplace automation and AI are here to stay. In 2021 35% companies are investing on automation tools at workplaces. Furthermore, Forrester predicts that by the end of 2021, one out of every four remote workers will be supported by new forms of automation, either directly or indirectly, while in sales 60% use AI and automation. Our approach to Business Process Automation (or BPA) is to keep the human element as part of the design process, not only helping our clients to understand and navigate this new technological front, but to ensure decisions are made with based on actual information and that the end results are benefiting the process. We help clients choose the correct automation technology solutions and implement, train and oversee automation efforts for small and medium size companies.
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